I teach a variety of courses at Atlantic School of Theology. In addition to covering the basics for graduate-level survey and language requirements, I try to offer a representative rotation of courses from the three parts of Tanakh by covering selections from the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings.

Courses at AST

Student Resources

See my resources page for advice for students at AST, including guidance on course selection in the MDiv Program (Anglican Church of Canada stream), and general help on research and writing in biblical studies and theology (with an emphasis on Hebrew Bible/Old Testament).

Previous Courses Taught

Tyndale University College, 2008–2016

  • Old Testament Scripture (BSTH 101)
  • The Pentateuch (BSTH 310)
  • Genesis (T&I: RLGS 321)
  • The Ten Commandments (T&I: RLGS 311/BSTH 321)
  • Jonah/Micah/Nahum in the Book of the XII (T&I: RLGS 314)
  • Psalms (T&I: RLGS 326/BSTH 314)
  • Ecclesiastes (BSTH 315/440)
  • The Fate of the Dead (BTT: RLGS 445)
  • Canon and the Rule of Faith (BTT: RLGS 446)
  • The Old Testament at Christian Scripture (BTT: RLGS 448)
  • Creation and the Old Testament (TOBITH: BSTH 440)
  • Forgiveness (TOBITH: BSTH 440)
  • The Historical Geography of Israel (RLGS 307/BIBL 060)
  • Directed Study in: Leviticus (RLGS 450)
  • Honours Thesis in Religious Studies I & II (RLGS 497 & 499)
  • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I & II (HEBR 201 & 202)
  • Readings in Biblical Hebrew I & II (HEBR 301 & 302)

University of St Andrews, 2005–2008

  • The History and Religion of Ancient Israel (Postgraduate Tutor)
  • Scripture and Theology Seminar (Postgraduate Coordinator)

CPLS College Preparatory School, 2002–2004

  • Classics of Western Literature (9th grade)
  • U.S. History (10th grade)
  • Moral Philosophy: Truth, Beauty, Goodness (11th–12th grade)
  • Political Philosophy: Liberty, Justice, Equality (11th–12th grade)
  • Creative Writing (12th grade)
  • Yearbook (9th–12th grade)