Old Testament

Assistant Professor at Tyndale University College

Winter 2013 Courses

Old Testament Scripture

BSTH 1013 — Survey of the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings. Get the syllabus and more on the course website.

Introduction to Hebrew II

HEBR 2023 — Further rudiments of Hebrew grammar and syntax. Get the syllabus and more on the course website.

The Pentateuch

BSTH 3103 — Introduction to the first five books of the Bible. Get the syllabus and more on the course website.

Pattern of Courses Taught


Old Testament Survey. Part of the Bachelor of Arts core curriculum, offered every semester.


Biblical Hebrew. Two units each of beginning and intermediate Hebrew, offered in alternating years.


Books and Topics. Courses on OT books and topics in biblical theology, offered periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don’t you allow laptops or personal electronic devices in class?

    Because it’s bad for you and worse for your neighbours. A study at McMaster found that allegedly multitasking students scored 11% below average; those with just a view of a peer’s screen scored 17% below average.

  • I forgot my swipe card. What should I do about attendance?

    Resign yourself to being counted absent for the day, come to class anyway, and bring your card next time. If I provide an attendance sheet for the forgetful you can sign it in class, but please do not email me about it afterwards.

  • Can I have a copy of your lecture notes or your slide deck?

    No. I provide handouts for any material I think is essential to distribute. I would also prefer that you not record lectures; however, you can approach me individually and request permission to make audio recordings.

  • Can I have an extension on my paper or assignment?

    In extenuating circumstances, yes — but be mindful of what counts as extenuation. Serious illness and the death of a family member are not in the same category as poor time management and over-involvement.

  • I heard that you went straight from a BA to a PhD. Are you a genius?

    No, my IQ ranks with most of the population. I started a master’s degree and was able to upgrade it to a doctorate. I did so simply because it was economical, and because I had a topic that called for longer treatment.

  • Are you related to S. R. and G. R. Driver, the famous Hebraists?

    Wouldn’t that be something? No, but I do harbour a desire to co-write something with W. P. Brown and R. S. Briggs, possibly a retrospective on the continuing uses of the BDB now that Clines’s Dictionary is complete.