Forschungen zum Alten Testament II/46. Mohr Siebeck, 2010. Repr. Baker Academic, 2012.

This work advanced through several stages, reflected in four recensions.

  1. It started as a PhD thesis under a different title, defended in October 2008. The final submission is superseded but available from the University of St Andrews research repository.
  2. The Mohr Siebeck edition took a new title, in part to reflect the new outline that developed in response to concerns raised by examiners and readers.
  3. Baker Academic commissioned a translation of all the German cited in the book, and published it in an expanded North American edition.
  4. A recapitulation of one of the work’s main findings, drawn from chapter one of the book, appears in SBL’s 2013 Gedenkschrift. You can download it here.

Excerpts from Reviews

In sum, this book gives a very detailed and extensive presentation of Brevard Childs’s life work. Driver demonstrates clearly Childs’s deep rootedness in German-speaking historical-critical exegesis as well as in the Barthian stream of the Reformed tradition. He clearly lays out Childs’s lifelong struggle for a whole-biblical theology that on the one hand takes historical-critical work seriously but on the other hand also can make a distinctive and prescriptive contribution to a decidedly Christian theology. As a biblical theologian, Childs is very hard to pin down, thanks to his detailed processing of the positions with which he interacted: his lifelong critique of the history-of-religions school, the unfortunate (because based on misunderstanding) criticism of James Barr (and others), and Childs’s delimitation of his own approach from apparently similar but actually opposed narrative-critical and intertextual Bible-reading strategies that run afoul of sound literary-critical method. Overall, this stimulating book presents Child’s impressive and influential work to exegetes and theologians as an inspiration and encouragement to consciously differentiate and actively represent their Christian theological positions. —Aaron Schart, Theologische Literaturzeitung

Bibliography of Childs’s Work

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