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It is a painful irony that the Eucharist, once the form and instrument of Christian unity, has become a point at which Christian division and brokenness is most visible. Why is this so? Can the Eucharist once again serve as an engine and sign of Christian unity? And, if so, how? This course provides a space in which students can ask these questions and begin to shape responses. It does so by o ering an account of the problem’s history and scope, and a set of biblical and theological resources for the engagement of Eucharist theology in an ecumenical setting.

The course has three distinct sections. First, we will explore the Eucharist through the lens of scripture. Second, we will o er an engagement with some key voices in Christian tradition. Finally, in the third section of the course, we will facilitate an ecumenical conversation about the role of the eucharist in the life of the Church. This conversation will be informed by the scriptural and traditional lenses we have engaged in sections one and two.

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Required Texts (Winter 2019)


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