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What is the relationship of scripture and theology? Some answers to this question start with the Bible, while others begin with Christian doctrine, while still others call for a dialectical movement between canon and creed. However it is approached, the question presents a number of challenges.

To illustrate the problem in general, and to outline some possible solutions, this course highlights a variety of current approaches to the Old Testament as the scripture of the Church. Students will encounter work by an array of biblical and theological specialists who transgress the conventional limits of their disciplines. They will study the views of Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and those who disavow religious affiliation. Because the Hebrew Bible is Jewish scripture in the first instance, students will consider why some Jews are not interested in biblical theology, and what it means for the Church to adhere to the Scriptures of Israel. Specific doctrines under consideration include: creation, sin, election, incarnation (the body of God), divine impassibility, Christology, Mariology, law and gospel, death and resurrection, and the afterlife.

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Required Texts (Summer 2017)

Gary A. Anderson. Christian Doctrine and the Old Testament: Theology in the Service of Biblical Exegesis. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2017. ISBN 978-0801098253.
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Neil B. MacDonald. Metaphysics and the God of Israel: Systematic Theology of the Old and New Testaments. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2006. ISBN 978-0801032431.
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Please note that textbook selections for my courses usually change with each iteration of the course.