Offered at AST, Winter 2019

Course Description

A more detailed study of Hebrew grammar and syntax through the reading of selected biblical texts, this course is designed as a continuation of HB 2201. For a complete introduction, students will continue through two semesters of study. In the second semester emphasis will fall on less regular paradigms (learned inductively) and more complicated syntax. The basic goal of the entire course is for students to become proficient in the rudiments of biblical Hebrew, sufficient for the independent reading of biblical books.

Prerequisites: HB 2201 and BF 1001 (or equivalent).

Requirements: Weekly assignments and in-class work, regular vocabulary quizzes, annotated translations of three or four chapters from the Bible.

Required Texts (Winter 2019)

Textbooks TBD. Last Offered Summer 2016. Scheduled to be offered as a two-course series in the 2018–2019 academic year.