The Winter 2014 semester approaches, and it’s not too soon to think about the books you’ll need. The Tyndale bookstore stocks all required texts for Tyndale classes, and you can look up classes by semester on their website.

Many people look for better prices online, and does often undercut the bookstore — though they don’t offer $50/class vouchers for early registrants! If you go your own way, though, there is a risk of picking up the wrong edition of a book. This has happend to students before you, and it is not ideal.

Let me help you price shop and get the right books in a timely manner. Below are all my required texts for Winter 2014, with links to Their prices are current as of today.

BSTH 1013: Old Testament Scripture

  1. ESV translation of the Bible (any format). (The NRSV and NJPS translations, which are more common in scholarly circles, are the only allowable substitutes.) Crossway puts out many editions, but you can get a readable newsprint ESV for about $5.

  2. The Sabbath, by A.J. Heschel – Paperback, $10.83 fies of the ESV, and lists Heschel for $15.

BSTH 3103: Pentateuch

  1. The Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary, by Robert Alter – Paperback, ISBN 978-0393333930, $19.75 

  2. A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch: Interpreting the Torah as Christian Scripture, edited by Richard S. Briggs and Joel N. Lohr – ISBN 978-0801039126 , $16.62 

  3. The Pentateuch (The Oxford Bible Commentary), edited by John Barton and John Muddiman – ISBN 978-0199580248, $23.96 

  4. Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses (HarperCollins Spiritual Classics), translated by A.J. Malherbe and E. Ferguson – ISBN 978-0060754648 , $11.19 

Compare the prices listed in the bookstore.

HEBR 2023: Biblical Hebrew II

  1. Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, by Francis Brown, S.R. Driver and Charles Briggs (repr. Hendrickson) – ISBN 978-1565632066 , $23.19 

For Hebrew will continue to use Cook and Holmstedt in the new year. The bookstore offers the BDB (no relation) for $36.99.